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Members of Avondale Fire-Rescue first organized in 1987 as the United Firefighters of Avondale Local 3090. The organization was a response to low wages (at the time a full time firefighter with a family would still need food stamps to get by), working 56-hour work weeks but getting paid for only 40 hours, and requiring firefighters living within Avondale to respond to fire and medical incidents without compensation. With the help of the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona (PFFA) and the Phoenix Firefighters Association, these policies were challenged and Avondale firefighters began receiving pay for each hour worked as well as back pay for the previous five years for being required to volunteer on off-duty days.

Local 3090 eventually dissolved, and after briefly belonging to a chapter of the United Valley Firefighters Association Local 3449, the Avondale Professional Firefighters Association (APFA) Local 3924 independently formed in 1999. Today the APFA has over 50 members, representing 100% of the sworn firefighters working for Avondale.



The mission of Avondale Professional Firefighters’ Association is:


  • To cultivate friendship and fellowship among our members
  • To advocate a safe and healthy working environment for our members
  • To assure fair treatment of our members and equitable settlements of
    any grievances for our members
  • To promote the establishment of just and reasonable working
    conditions for our members
  • To assist our members in attaining a higher level of skill and efficiency
    in order to provide the citizens of Avondale the highest quality of service
  • To serve the citizens of Avondale by building community, celebrating
    diversity, and fostering pride

Avondale Professional Firefighters’ Association values:

  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Tradition
  • Culture
The Executive Board Members for APFA are:

Name, Position
Nate Franco, President president@avondalefirefighters.com
Ryan Tussing, Vice President vicepresident@avondalefirefighters.com
Cassie McCorry, Secretary secretary@avondalefirefighters.com
Justin Ernst, Treasurer treasurer@avondalefirefighters.com
Evan Titterington, PAC Treasurer pac@avondalefirefighters.com
Robert Sease, Member Services members@avondalefirefighters.com


Please take time to visit the site and see why we are proud to be the firefighters that Avondale calls for assistance. We hope you find the site interesting and informative as you will learn safety tips to keep your home safer for you and your family. There is even a special kid's page for them to visit. You can learn more about the rapidly growing community of Avondale and the fire department that serves it. You will also find many interesting links to other IAFF local websites, apparatus/equipment manufacturers, and sources for firefighting information. If you are interested in a career as a member of our department, visit the City of Avondale's web page Employment Opportunities section.

If you have questions or comments about the APFA or Avondale Fire-Rescue, please feel free to contact any of the executive board members above. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the website or you would like a link to your website added, please feel free to e-mail the Webmaster at webmaster@avondalefirefighters.com.

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