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Tips for Babysitters

  • Having visitors is not a good policy when babysitting.
  • Get written instructions for any medications that the child needs to be given.
  • Check to see if the children have any known allergies (be sure to ask about food allergies!)
  • If the home has a pool, be sure that you are familiar with pool rules and policies. See also our safety tips on water safety.
  • Ask where flashlights are kept in the event the electricity goes out.
  • Ask questions about the children's interests, habits, likes and dislikes.
  • Lock the door after the parents or guardians leave. Turn on an outside light if during the evening.
  • Check the children at regular intervals after they are put to bed.
  • Keep the television or radio's volume low, so that if a child awakes you will hear them.
  • Learn CPR and basic first aid.
  • Have the address written down in case of emergency. Know important phone numbers so the children's family or neighbors can be contacted in case of an emergency.
  • Be familiar with the house. When you arrive ask for a tour, be sure to note where phones & all exits are.

Tips for Parents

  • The best source for child care recommendations are from family or friends.
  • Be sure to check references.
  • Ask your children if they feel comfortable or like the babysitter.
  • Interview possible babysitters personally and watch how they interact with you children.
  • If you are using a service or agency, determine if background check have been done on all employees.
  • Create a checklist of information and contacts for the babysitter.

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